January 30th, 2015 Posted In: Golf GPS App Updates

Version 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of Our Golf GPS App Released!

With thousands of golf courses available worldwide, this is our most advanced GPS yet.

Target + Layup Distance

Golf GPS App with Targeting

Easily drag the target anywhere on the map to get the distance to that location plus the layup distance.

Green View with Targeting

Golf GPS App Targeting in Green View

Zoom in with Green View to see distances to the farthest, middle, and closest points on the green.

More Great Features

  • Thousands of courses worldwide.  Request your favorite golf course directly from the App.
  • Offline Mode: Load the map and then the App is fully functional without an internet connection.
  • Distances in Yards or Meters.
  • Auto-Hole: The App automatically changes holes as you play your round.
  • Auto-Green: The App automatically changes from Hole View to Green View within a configurable distance.
  • Most efficient battery usage.
  • Completely FREE.  No in-app purchases or subscription fees of any kind.

About Birdie Apps

Birdie Apps, the leader in golf GPS, provides the Best Golf GPS App and it is completely free. It includes advanced golf GPS features that other apps charge for.